Tapping project in Kenya
that I happend to start 2019

This page is about the Kenya tapping project, (tapping as in TFT, EFT, TTT) which began in August 2019. The project has been growing ever since, as we in the team see problems and creatively figure out solutions.

  • The page is for you who have already donated money (BIG THANK YOU!) So you can see how the project has expanded based on needs we encountered and the team's way of solving the needs.
  • The site also provides inspiration for you who are considering donating. (BIG THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.)
  • It is also for you who just wants to read about a wonderful healing and empowerment project in Kenya.

4,000 children use tapping during school hours in Kenya

In August 2019, I just happened to start a tapping project with the teachers in a really poor slum school in western Kenya where the children had few positive futures to look forward to. I met (online) one of the wonderful dedicated teachers at the school, who asked me for help via Messenger.

Today, 35 dedicated teachers and instructors within "Tapping Team Kenya" teach tapping to soon ... yes in fact ... 15 schools and 4000 children and young people aged 7-20 years.

We also have four groups of women who heal emotional wounds. They have been subjected to genital mutilation, are widows of men who have died of AIDS and have HIV themselves, etc.

The project expanded into Tanzania in the spring of 2021 with a group of young men asking for help. They are involved in crime and use drugs. (Common with poor young adults who do not feel hope for the future.)

(Swish is a swedish way of transfering money from mobile to mobile. If you live in another country please contact med if you want to donate. We are working on finding a global solution.)

The team and the people they have taught tapping tell about very good results.
Some are described further down in video and text.

Video about how it started and the good results

Watch the video below about how I happened to start the project. I could never have imagined what happened and all the people we have helped. Early on, one of the team saved the life of a young mother and the little girl she was about to give birth to.

Hear about the very good and fast results in the school work that the children achieved with higher grades, being more harmonious and they dared to talk more in the classroom. I like that, since I am specialized in helping people loose their fears, so that they dare to speak in front of groups.

The video mentions the school with girls who escaped from young forced marriages and from being circumcised. They learn tapping from their teachers. Here is an article that shows that Kenya is working to end both early marriage and circumcision.

Step 1
Aug 2019

Tapping project for children and teens - reaching 4000

Every day, the children start the teachings by tapping. Sometimes it is several times a day.

The picture shows an evening tapping led by a teacher. The children are part of the food project I started when Corona Restrictions closed the school.

60 of the poorest children were then completely without food. The only food they got, they got in school. Thanks to my friends and Facebook friends, the kids have survived since March 2020. THANK YOU!

It was not just the younger children who got to learn the tapping techniques

. Here is a photo from a youth group that learned, and then passed on to their friends.

Girls who escaped from early marriage
and genital mutilation learn tapping.

Some of the first children that learned tapping autom 2019

The tapping project is developed into a food project

Step 2 
March 2020

60 children suddenly became completely without food
due to Corona closure of the schools

In March 2020, entire countries were shut down and in Kenya's schools were closed. Then I realized that among our tapping students we had children who wee now without food. Their parents/cartakers are so poor that the children survived only on he food they received at school. My heart was touched.

So I started a fundraiser among my friends on Facebook. I did not think that the food project would continue in  Sep 2021 (when I wrote this. It continues, but we have gradually developed it towards self-sufficiency.

Yes, some small siblings sneaked in too :) we could not let some children in the family get food and let others starve. This project has developed itself based on needs, and emergency situations BUT THE TEAM HAS ALWAYS FOCUSED ON TAPPING AND EMOTIONAL HEALING. Food and tapping!

The children had to do their tapping when they came to school to get food during the lockdown. These wonderful teachers took care of, cooked, tapped with the children at the same time as they themselves received no salary due to the closure of the school.

The 60 poorest children in a school get three goals a day through the bottling project. They would not have survived the corona closure of the school otherwise.
A typical house in the slums where the children live and often with up to 10 people. We have a new project to help the parent (usually a single mother) out of poverty through microloans.

Wow! What Heroes in Tapping Team Kenya.
We all work voluntarily!

The brave founders of Tapping Team Kenya who dared to learn tapping from me - a total stranger - through Messenger and videos I made. I was also brave. Had not made videos before.
Today, the team expands daily. People hear rumors of good results and seek them out. We reach more and more people who want to become instructors. Aug 2021, there are at least 35 instructors.

Good results already after two months in the autumn of 2019

What the teachers noticed already after two months of daily tapping:

  •      The students increased their concentration in the classroom.
  •      Their self-confidence level increased and has continued to increase
  •      They now speak more confidently in front of the class.
  •      Their stress level has dropped significantly.
  •      The grades are better.

Step 3
Aug 2020

We create a long term solution for the food

You know the expression: Give someone a fish for the day or teach her/him to fish so that s/he becomes independent. So food independence for the school became the next natural step. Fantastic donors contributed and the team was able to rent a field and start growing corn and beans. We also got chickens. They cost SEK 50 each and the donors can name the chickens. Iris, Alma, Jeanette, etc. (After their grandmothers, mothers and themselves :))

Potash teacher, tapping instructor and responsible for farming and animals. (There are also two cows.) He has the animals at home for the sake of the 60 children. Soooo dedicated in love with the tapping project. THANK YOU Potash!
Potash with the donated named hens that lay many fine eggs. He wears Little Barbro. My goddaughter. The only Kenyan-born Barbro in the world!

Step 3B
April 2021

Rain disaster threatened our farming project and the animals

April 24, 2021 came huge amounts of rain and lasted for several days. The corn field was completely destroyed. The cows' simple shed became just mud and they got a little sick before we got donated money and built a new cement floor for them. Now the farm other crops that can withstand rain better, on that field they also have a corn field at another place.

The normal outflow of the river is hindered by a large dam that Ethiopia has built further away from. So the water is flowing backwards and causes problems in Kenya.
The two nice cows are called HOPE and LOVE. They are donated by people who follow the project. The names are chosen because we want the tapping to give people HOPE and Love.

They passed the national tests without any nervousness at all !.

The children are 13-15 years old and go to "eight". (Swedish equivalence.) They have passed national tests with good grades. They used tapping before and reported ZERO nervousness. It's big because in Kenya those tests decide everything. Get into "secondary school" or not.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that everyone will study further. Five of these children in the picture could not afford it. They all live in slums, orphans and other difficult circumstances. They have made a fantastic study effort in school but could not study further. It costs SEK 1,200 per year to study at "Secondary School" / gymnasium.

So :) I quickly started a scholarship project in the middle of my vacation and contacted friends who had given money before. With a few days margin, I got the money so they could start on the 2nd of Aug 2021! YES! Thanks donors!

The good results from the tapping are spreading...

Steg 4 2020 och 2021
The good results with the tapping are spreading through rumors

Interest is growing all the time. Parents notice that the children feel better, neighbors and the municipality spread. May 2021, there are several groups of women: circumcised women who heal trauma, pregnancy and baby programs, women with HIV heal the stigma of having the disease, single mothers who struggle, with more
Here is Osoque who was the one I started chatting with via Messenger, and who asked me to teach him for the sake of the children. Here he teaches tapping to Madame Margaret. She is a teacher and wants to spread to her students. Interest is growing for the team has good results.

March 2021 eleven more schools joined

Understand a little more about the terrible things that happen in a girl's, woman's life when she is circumcised. Not just the pain of the moment (without anesthesia) but the rest of life. Article in English from Kenya. They really work to change attitudes. (It's not better to do it on little boys.)

Tapping can at least help in part with this trauma, which women's groups have noticed.

We start help for self-help.
Teaching people to fish instead of getting food for the day.

Step 4
May 2021 

Self-help through microloans

Two teachers in the Tapping Teams's nice t-shirts. The teachers rent fields and grow corn for the children. The parents will be inspired to grow their own food together.

In the spring of 2021, we began our fourth step: help for self-help. The 60 children in the food project need a long-term solution to the food. One parent / guardian (many are orphaned) at a time (we can not afford to more now) is offered a microloan (SEK 1,000) to get out of their external poverty (no food, no decent housing, etc.)

With the loan, they can start a small business that provides income plus participate in a common field of cultivation with the other children's parents so that they have food.

Terms for microloans:

  • that they learn tapping :) and use it to free themselves from "inner poverty" (low self-esteem, financial stress, own trauma, etc.)
  • that they help other parents in the project to get out of their poor situation - in some way. Terms discussed now (May 2021)
  • that they participate in the health project from "ARHF / Source medicine" and prevent, cure and get rid of malaria for good. (Yes, through synchronicities, we have the law of attraction come into contact with a 10-year successful project that cures not only malaria, but AIDS !!! and HIV.
  • that they repay the loan when they can.

Zulfa our first parent with microloan

Zulfa is our first with microloan. A creative single mother with five children, plus she helps three neighbor children with no food. Her small shop expands now with the microloan. She is doing her daily tapping and teaches others around her.
The shop that will expand so she can feed her own five children and the three of a neighbor.

Dumpster babies and children in Nairobi and tapping

In all the subprojects we have, tapping is the hub. The dumpsterbabies and children are taken care of by a non-profit organization that one of our teachers has started. They have rescued newborns thrown in the trash and they support the older children with encouragement, food and sometimes housing. The volunteers and some of the children learn tapping to heal their trauma. Volonteers healing from what they see and children from everything they have lived through. With more money we can expand.

These children were found newborn among rubbish at Nairobi's landfill. Volunteers walk around looking and taking care of them. These children were adopted, and the photo shows the one year meeting. Today they are 10 years old and have a good life.
Female volunteer ensures that the boys receive food and support. If they had more money, more children could be helped to a better life. Our tapping instructor offers tapping knowledge.

Nairobi has a huge landfill. Tens of thousands of abandoned children and young people are fighting there to survive. It is impossible to imagine the misery, the drugs, the crime, the famine, and the lack of love. The school where we have the food project also has a landfill close with similar conditions.

 Feel free to watch the documentary about the landfill in Nairobi to get a small picture of the children's misery. It takes large and time-consuming projects to change the reasons why babies are abandoned and why tens of thousands of children move around in a desperate life without hope.

Our "tapping drops" in that sea of misery still has to be counted. EVERYTHING counts when it comes to doing good for each other. Tapping is our contribution.

The team and I are working on a way to donate from any country. Please contact me and I will help you.

Swish only works in Sweden.

Without your donors,
we would not have reached
this far!

Support the project. 0703 104410. Write KENYA!

Feel free to become a monthly Swishare!I
t takes such a long time for me to organize fundraising every month. We would be happy if you wanted to donate every month, for example when you pay bills towards the end of the month. Or if you spontaneously feel like giving up a coffee and instead donate to the kids.

In Sweden SWISH is an easy way to donate!

Step 5  Aug 2021 and onward
The future and continued expansion into Tanzania and other things

The team has more groups, more ideas that they want to implement. The positive rumor is spreading. They receive inquiries and have their own creative ideas. We must expand slowly and steadily. On the one hand, the lack of money slows down the expansion and on the other hand, new instructors need to be trained in new smart ways so that they can pass on to others with quality.

  •     Tanzania is close to where part of the team lives and they naturally have contacts across the border. Schools and a group of young people at risk (crime and drugs) have shown interest. They want to learn tapping.
  •     There will probably be a pen pal project between a Swedish school and the school where the 60 n a single computer. Maybe the Swedish children can learn from the children in Kenya? (When we get money for computer, projector and internet traffic.)
  •     The scholarship program for the five young people who started studying in August 2021 must continue. We can not force them out of their studies after one year! Donors, sponsors are wanted.
  •     A menstrual project needs to be started. The girls are so poor that they cannot protect themselves during menstruation. A problem! They can not go to school. Shall we start a group where they sew? (Sewing machine is needed then.) They also need to work on their self-esteem and be strengthened through tapping and other things.
  •     Collaboration with "ARHF / Source medicine". To begin with for the healing of physical problems such as malaria, HIV and AIDS. But other areas are at the planning stage which is very exciting.
  •     xxx The sky is the limit.
  •     xxx Try it on everything.

Step 6 The 2 Sep 2021 we officially have a CBO non profit organization!

"Tapping for Wellness and Change"

Quite exactly two years since we started, the team has now registered a CBO (Community Based Organization) in Migori where the school is located as we started with, and other schools that are now coming in as tapping schools.

It is the first step to becoming an NGO (Non Govermental Organization). CBO means approved by authorities for non-profit work. The team has a board, treasurer, bank account that is monitored, etc. Big step and we were so happy.

Soon we will know how people can donate directly to the organization via eg Facebook and Paypal and other things we do not know about yet :)

Fantastic partners!

The team collaborates with a fantastic project /network Peaceful Heart Network. They have been working for about 10 years to help traumatized people in e.g. Africa. They work in refugee camps, with people after the genocides in Rwanda and other traumatizing areas.

I and the team in Kenya are certified in this method. New team members are encouraged to become certified so we become a competent team.

Peaceful Heart Network's method is called TTT (Trauma Tapping Techniques) They sent their best instructor Placide Nkubito, called "The Master of Trauma Tapping". He has healed himself by tapping after experiences during the genocides in Rwanda. THANK YOU for that gift to the team!

The children keep in the photo holds Peaceful Hearts nice brochure about Tapping: Finding calm and pass it on. My team would also like them to be able to afford such a brochure.

New collaborations from May 2021

"ARHF / Source medicine" is another fantastic project / work for the good of humanity.

They have been working since the beginning of the 2000s in African countries with a focus on healing malaria, HIV, AIDS. In Kenya, they have had a school project with 100 schools for 10 years, where the children heal the body and at the same time get help to increase concentration in school and grades.

New type of frequency medicine via sound, for those who are curious. Follow the link above.

Schools that the team works with will start a medical malaria program.

Feel free to donate. Every krona goes in full!
It is a completely non-profit project from all participants.

I and Tapping Team Kenya gratefully accept donations so that we can continue to expand to even more schools, women's organizations, youth groups, prisons and more.

We need to:

  •  technology such as cheap smartphones (to meet online when schools and groups are spread over a larger area.)
  •     internet connection (One month internet subscription costs 20% of a teacher's already LOW salary,
  •     costs when instructors travel to teach TAPPING at the 11 new schools, etc.

But if you feel like supporting the other parts that have emerged, it's fine:

  •     Microloans so that more parents can become independent with food for their children
  •     The scholarship program for the five really poor young people so that they can finish their four years of Secondary school.

Swish (works in Sweden only) goes to me privately (we are working on starting a non-profit organization in Kenya but it takes some paperwork.) You need to write in the Swish what it is for. We have not had time to fix a more formal organization. Plus it requires resources that I do not have right now. But I and the team in Kenya are investigating how to fix it.

            Inside Sweden. Feel free to use Swish 0703 104410 and write KENYA.

BARA inom Sverige: 0703 104410. Skriv KENYA!