World United "Tapping as a way to reach unity"
Video with Barbro Bronsberg

Unity and compassion on the planet starts within each of us

Unity on planet Earth also called Terra, starts within ourselves. The reality is created from inside and out. If I dont love myself it is much harder to create a loving world around me. I if talk harshly each time I look at me in the mirror or if I do the slightest wrong. - I am ugly, fat, not intelligent etc I am expressing a non-unity inside of me.

The World United and Global Transformation Festivals

1 minute presentation of me

Tapping as a way to reach unity - 15 min video with me

  1. Here is the link to the tapping project in Kenya that I am talking about in the video.
  2. Here is the link to my page about getting rid of fear of public speaking (in Swedish)

The World United & Global Transformation Festivals

The World United is a global organization whose mission is to unite as many good forces as possible. People, networks, organizations, companies that wants to create a better world.

We as humans have so much in common, more than what separates us. Our common strenghts can change the planet to something so much better than now. (Like economic inequality, gender stereotypes, different views of life from national and religious perspectives to mention some things.)

They organize online festivals in every continent - Global Transformation Festivals. The goal is to organize one in each country, and then each region, and then each small community so goodhearted people/organizations etc can meet and co-create. It is a grand vision and important to help realize. We don´t have to be SAME, think the same i order to like each other and cooperate for the highest good on Gaia.

Unity is not killing the individuality or the different traits in different cultures. It is thriving together in our differences. For that we need an understanding of what unity can be and as I say in the video: UNITY  AND COMPASSION STARTS WITHIN OURSELVES.

World United Global Meditation 21th Dec

I really like their huge goal for the 21th of December 2021! There are many, many groups over the planet that organize similar big meditations. I know from experiments and science that such big meditations do have an impact in real life.

Lynne Mc Taggart (With the "Circle of 8" group intensions) has proved together with police authorities in several countries that the rate of crime and violence has sunk.

I was thinking anyway to do a Returning of the Light Celebration with my friends and network. (It is a big thing in Sweden that the light starts to expand again after days of long dark days.) So in the name of honoring differencens and unity I will join this meditation.

I hope you too can do that to affect the human collective common co-creating consciousness.

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